Noble Silvergreenbed-end spread

Bed-end spread Noble adds an elegant touch of serenity to any bedroom interior. Its subtle luster and refined shades evoke a meditative mood. Noble is a very large, padded spread in a distinguished linen viscose mix Silvergreen with a reverse in colour Sage. Spread and cushion Noble make a stylish combination. To cherish and enjoy.

  • bedspread Noble viscose linen
  • bedendspread Noble viscose linen
  • bedspread SilvergreenNoble viscose linen

Product Info

  • Padded bedspread
  • Front: linen viscose mix
  • Colour: Silvergreen
  • Reverse: polyester
  • Colour: Sage
  • Size: 150 x 300 cm
  • * Matching cushions available
MrsMe setting Elysion
Bedspread Noble
Cushion Noble silvergreen

ElysionThe Wonderlust Collection

In the setting Elysion the bed is made with bed-end spread Noble. The other articles on this bed can also be viewed on the Elysion page.