Flowbed-end spread

Perfection is the fibre of Flow. This elegant padded bed-end spread measures no less than 135 x 300 cm. Flow is reversible, showing an appealing contrast in textures of the fabrics used. One side is executed in smooth viscose velvet with a delicate shine, the other side is wrinkled viscose linen.
Its neutral tone Pyrite conveys a quiet presence in a wide range of settings.
Flow inspires to vary the mood of a space.

  • bedspread Flow viscose crinkled linen
  • bedspread Flow  Pyrite

Product Info

  • Padded bedspread
  • Front: viscose velours
  • Colour: Pyrite
  • Reverse: crinkled viscose linen
  • Colour: Pyrite
  • Size: 135 x 300 cm
  • * Matching cushions available
MrsMe bedroom Eden
Bed-end spread Flow reversable crinkled fabric
Cushion Flow reversable

EdenThe Wonderlust Collection

In setting Eden the bed is made with bed-end spread and cushions Flow. The other articles on this bed can also be viewed on the Eden page.