• WONDERLUST | Glacier
  • WONDERLUST | Oasis
  • WONDERLUST | Fountainhead
  • WONDERLUST | Idyll
  • WONDERLUST | Elysion
  • WONDERLUST | Mirage
  • WONDERLUST | Eclipse
  • WONDERLUST | arcadia
  • WONDERLUST | dawn
  • WONDERLUST | avalon
  • WONDERLUST | lagoon
  • WONDERLUST | eden
  • Wonderlust


  • An interior adventure

    Travel light and discover the powerful scenery of the bedroom. Stunning views over quality bedding, to leave an everlasting impression. Yarns of wool and cotton, Tencel, velvet and linen.

    Subtle tones and sensations of touch evoke a mood of leisure.

    Uncover new horizons in style, dedication to design and the sheer delight of excellent fabrics.

    Being home is an appealing prospect.

  • Design philosophy

    Mrs.Me develops products in a well-considered, modest style with playful accents. This results in visually pleasing collections, ranging from exclusive bedspreads to timeless duvet sets, cosy plaids and cushions with floral and animal patterns.

    The fabrics are of exceptional quality, in subtle and vibrant colours and in smooth and structured textiles.