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  • The Glass Houseintroduction

    The Glass House Collection by Mrs.Me is home couture with a vision. An exquisite collection, by the choice of extraordinary materials, a subtle palette, a keen eye for detail and a casual mood. Qualities combined in a variety of decors of fully dressed beds in stylish settings.
    With The Glass House Collection designer Lianne Ernst created complete settings that radiate a playful mood. The application of washed fabrics reinforces the casual nature of the new Mrs.Me bedding collections. Velvety fabrics, subtle colours and a casual look define the latest collection of the Amsterdam based label Mrs.Me home couture.

  • Duvet coversfabrics and colours

    Duvet cover sets Stilo in washed cotton percale come in the colours Powder, Oyster and Bone; three refined light shades that easily adapt to any environment. The sets are packed in bags of the same substance. Unique detail: a hidden nylon zipper on the underside of the cover prevents shifting of the duvet.
    White duvet cover sets are executed in our beloved cotton percale 300 thread count or in an indulgent cotton sateen 600 thread count.

  • Cushions, plaids and bedspreadsfabrics and colours

    Large cushions, made of thick washed velvet, shine like silk and feel ultra soft. Leather cushions have a nice 'vintage chic' or metallic finish. The three meter long quilted bedspreads of washed linen are tough and stylish at the same time, the ultra thin washed woolen throws prove remarkably soft and lightweight.

  • Things worth knowingabout the names

    The names of the individual products are derived from slang, a nod to the dynamism and playfulness of this jargon. The duvet covers are called 'Stilo', which means fashion. The lightweigth throws are 'Fly', that is pretty. The decorative cushions? 'Spang', or nice chic. The bedspreads are named 'Oso', which can be translated as home. And the velvet cushions are 'Epic'; awesome!