The Glass House - Bedroom Veranda


Setting Eden is a welcoming place of exceptional beauty and composure. Eden excels in designs of exquisite fabrics with refined details. Luxury cotton, crisp like an autumn’s day, reflects the cool light of the moon in duvet cover Silver Stitch. Dew glistens on the soft velvet of cushion Cascade. The dreamy flowers of cushion Bloom cover enchanting bedspread Flow.
Mrs.Me honours the privilege of sleeping in paradise.

duvet cover set Silver Stitch White
Silver Stitch
duvet cover set
cotton percale 500 thread count
silver lurex stitching
neckroll cover Silver Stitch
Silver Stitch
neck roll cover
cotton percale 500 thread count
silver lurex embroidery
Bed-end Spread Flow Pyrite
Flow Pyrite
bed-end spread
velvet - crinkled linen viscose
135 x 300 cm
Cushion Flow Pyrite
Flow Pyrite
plain fabric cushion
velvet - crinkled linen viscose
45 x 60 cm
Cushion Daisy
Bloom Lilac Green
jacquard printed fabric cushion
cotton viscose velvet
45 x 60 cm
Cushion Cascade Olive
Cascade Olive
patterned fabric cushion
debossed velours
30 x 60 cm