The Glass House - Bedroom Eclipse


Mrs.Me creates wonders of nature in setting Eclipse. Mysterious twilight casts shadows and shine, unfolding the beauty of layered chique. A play of tones and touch, orchestrated by an excellent choice of fabrics in shades ranging from black to white. An enchanting coverlet, a subtly bordered duvet cover, a heavenly throw, cushions of vegan leather and velvet creatures.
In setting Eclipse all items are aligned to enjoy. Night and day.

duvet cover set Feston White Grey embroidery
duvet cover set
cotton percale 40 thread count
grey embroidery
neckroll cover Archetype
Archetype White
neck roll cover
cotton percale 500 thread count
Bed-end Spread Lammy Onyx
Lammy Onyx
bed-end spread
faux fur
150 x 300 cm
Blanket Nick Graphite
Nick Graphite
wool alpaca melange
180 x 300 cm
Cushion Swan
printed fabric cushion
cotton viscose velvet
45 x 60 cm
Cushion Pure Chalkwhite
Pure Chalkwhite
plain fabric cushion
vegan leather
30 x 60 cm