The Glass House - Bedroom Powder Room

Powder Roombedroom

Setting The Powder Room celebrates the sunny side of life with gentle colours and a soft washed cotton percale, that give duvet cover, pillow cases and neck roll covers Stilo a lived-in feel. Bedspread Oso in washed linen and cushion Spang in ‘vintage’ nylon add to the casual, timeless appeal of this new Mrs.Me setting.

Leather Cushions Pavilion in Copper and Milk White
Bedroom Powder Room by Mrs.Me
Bed-end Spread Oso Sand
Oso Sand
bed-end spread
washed linen
140 x 300 cm
Cushion Spang Champagne
fabric cushion
vintage nylon
45 x 60 cm
neckroll cover Stilo Powder
Stilo Powder
neck roll cover
cotton percale 200 thread count
washed cotton
Cushion Caesar Shell
Caesar Shell
fabric cushion
45 x 60 cm
Cushion Pavilion Milk
Pavilion Milk
leather cushion
vintage leather
30 x 60 cm