The Glass House | Bedroom Loggia


Mrs.Me reaches toward the light in her new setting Loggia. A rich harvest of seasonal joys. Waking up in spring’s soft morning dew, rays of silver in a summer lake, delicate strings playing autumn songs, enchantment in subtle shades of winter. A mood of peaceful serenity is reflected in lucid, silvercoloured fabrics and pearl finishings.

duvet cover set Mesh Beige
Mesh Beige
duvet cover set
cotton sateen 300 thread count
embroidered band
Bed-end Spread Silver Pad
Silver Pad
bed-end spread
coated linen and wool
140 x 280 cm
Cushion Silver
plain fabric cushion
coated linen
45 x 60 cm
Cushion Spang Champagne
plain fabric cushion
vintage nylon
45 x 60 cm
Cushion Pavilion Pearl
Pavilion Pearl
leather cushion
metallized leather
30 x 60 cm