The Glass House - Bedroom Library


The Lotus elemental white duvet cover with matching Pillow Book pillowcases are executed in 200 thread count cotton percale and framed by an ultra-thin glossy black piping. And thereā€˜s a little surprise: a bedtime story is printed on the pillowcases.
The Mrs.Me Library setting also displays an extraordinary mix of materials for decorative cushions: Zebrano is made of wood veneer, the Cork cushion is made of natural cork and Mellow is made of ultra-soft longhaired faux fur. The three metre long padded Glaze bed-end spread made of soft crinkled linen adds a masculine touch.

Leather Cushions Pavilion in Copper and Milk White
Bedroom Libraryby Mrs.Me
duvet cover and pillowcases Lotus
duvet cover and pillowcases
cotton percale 200 thread count
black piping
Bed-end Spread Glaze
bed-end spread
crinkled linen
140 x 300 cm
Cushion Mellow Salmon
Mellow Salmon
fabric cushion
45 x 60 cm
Cushion Cork
Cork cushion
30 x 60 cm
Cushion Zebrano Wood Light
Zebrano Light
wood cushion
30 x 60