The Glass House | Bedroom Conservatory


Setting Conservatory invites Spring into your home with duvet cover set Couture in a spectacular 600 thread count cotton sateen. Egyptian cotton sateen in a 600 thread count is the ultimate luxury, because of its firm yet soft quality. The handstitch-style embroidery makes duvet cover set Couture an instant Mrs.Me classic.
Cushion Gradient in a tie-and-dye velvet and printed cushion Ophelia draw attention with their fresh on-trend colours: Teal and Piccalilly.

Bedend Spread Brick padded cotton percale satin
Bedroom Conservatory by Mrs.Me
duvet cover set Couture White White
duvet cover set
cotton sateen 600 thread count
white handstitch-style embroidery
neckroll cover Cooper White
Cooper White
neck roll cover
cotton percale 300 thread count
pull string closure
Cushion Ophelia Teal
fabric cushion
printed cotton
45 x 60 cm
Bed-end Spread Brick MidGrey
bed-end spread
cotton sateen and percale
140 x 280 cm
Cushion Brick MidGrey
fabric cushion
cotton sateen
45 x 60 cm
Cushion Gradient
fabric cushion
tie and dye velvet
45 x 60 cm