The Glass House - Bedroom Atrium


In the ATRIUM setting the focal point is the padded bed-end spread with matching Silver cushions; popular Mrs.Me classics that suit every interior and blend with any colour scheme. The Lotus duvet cover set and matching Butterfly pillowcases are executed in 200 thread count cotton percale and framed by an ultra-thin glossy black piping. A fairytale butterfly is embroidered onto the pillowcases. Paper cushions and a Fly soft throw in vibrant Piccalilli or subdued Aloe complement this inviting bed.

Leather Cushions Pavilion in Brass and Piccalilli Throw on silver coated bedspread
Bedroom Atrium by Mrs.Me
duvet cover and pillowcases Lotus
duvet cover and pillowcases
cotton percale 200 thread count
black piping
Bed-end Spread Silver Pad
Silver Pad
bed-end spread
coated linen
140 x 280 cm
Cushion Silver coated linen
plain fabric cushion
coated linen
45 x 60 cm
Cushion Paper White
Paper White
paper cushion
45 x 60 cm