Alter Ego Bedroom Nina


Nina Simone understood as no other the art of making raw emotions tangible through her voice and intense performance.

Mrs.Me honours her unique, unpolished timbre with unexpected materials. Bed-end spread Lloyd is executed in graphite coloured rugged linen on its topside. Matching duvet cover set Couture in 300 thread count cotton percale is decorated with hand-stitched graphite yarn; a subtle reference to tailoring.

Detail bedroom Nina with raffia knitted cushions and fish lether cushions
Bedroom Nina Simone by Mrs.Me
duvet cover set Couture White
duvet cover set
cotton percale 300 thread count
graphite handstitched-style embroidery
neckroll cover Cooper White
Cooper White
neck roll cover
cotton percale 300 thread count
pull string closure
Cushion Webster White
Webster White
plain fabric cushion
knitted raffia
45 x 60 cm
Cushion Lloyd Graphite
plain fabric cushion
45 x 60 cm