Alter Ego Bedroom Donna


Donna Tartt dares her readers to immerse themselves in the dark inner world of her novel characters.
Mrs.Me happily dips into Donna’s fantasy and settles down comfortably with a stack of books on blanket Byron. Made of mohair with a pattern of knitted characters, in an intense carbon blue shade, blanket Byron is an ode to the magic of literature.

Detail livingroom Donna with leather cushions
Bedroom Donna by Mrs.Me
duvet cover set Silver Stitch White
Silver Stitch
duvet cover set
cotton percale 500 thread count
silver lurex stitching
neckroll cover Cooper White
Cooper White
neck roll cover
cotton percale 300 thread count
pull string closure
Blanket Knitted Mohair Byron
Knitted Mohair Byron
>mohair acryl melange
180 x 280 cm
Bed-end Spread Teddy Mouse
Teddy Mouse
bed-end spread
alpaca mohair and cotton sateen
140 x 280 cm
Cushion Teddy Mouse
plain fabric cushion
30 x 60 cm and 45 x 60 cm
Cushion Vintage Silk dots
patterned fabric cushion
vintage silk
30 x 60 cm and 45 x 60 cm