Alter Ego Bedroom Charlize


Actress Charlize Theron, with a career now spanning two decades, manages to radiate both Hollywood glamour and tough-girl attitude in her award-winning roles.
Het honey-coloured beauty is echoed in the warm and sparkling setting Charlize. Focal point is the padded bed-end spread Silver Pad; a popular Mrs.Me classic that suits every interior and blends with any colour scheme.

Detail livingroom Charlize with plaifd knitted mohair Hopper
Bedroom Charlize by Mrs.Me
duvet cover set Wire White
duvet cover set
cotton percale 500 thread count
taupe lacing
neckroll cover Cooper White
Cooper White
neck roll cover
cotton percale 300 thread count
pull string closure
Bed-end Spread Silver Pad
Silver Pad
bed-end spread
coated linen and wool
140 x 280 cm
Cushion Silver
plain fabric cushion
coated linen
45 x 60 cm