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  • Metropolitanlaunch 2009

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    Metropolitan conjures up an image of a luxury hotel room where you unwind after a busy day in town, or after a big night out. Even behind closed curtains, the city is never far away. With a diverse range of refined and rugged fabrics Mrs.Me takes you from uptown to downtown and back.

  • Metropolitan

    Picture yourself reclining on rustling bed linens in a 500 yarn count cotton percale, embroidered with a very fine netting of silvery lurex thread. Or imagine being wrapped up in a generous lits jumeaux sized knitted mohair plaid, looking out over the city, where a thousand little lights are twinkling in the sky. Those softly shimmering shapes below are echoed in metallic leather cushions and the subtly glowing bed-end spreads.

  • Metropolitan

    Although the city is calling to you with its rhythmic soundtrack of far-away traffic, scraps of music and raindrops tapping at your window, Mrs.Me tempts you to stay indoors with sumptuous materials. A light grey knitted mohair spread folds delicately over the bed, reminding you of the soft touch of a love-worn sweater. After you have peeled of the layers of daily life, Metropolitan envelops you like a second skin. We will always have Paris, but tonight all eyes are on Mrs.Me.