• Into The Night | Bedroom Moon
  • Into The Night | Bedroom Moi Carp
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  • Into The Night | Livingroom Asanoha
  • Into The Nightlaunch 2007

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    When the twilight sets in, between lounging and sleeping, Mrs.Me seduces you with her collection home couture for the living and bedroom. With “Into The Night” she plays with the contrast of night and day, sunlight and darkness, East and West, nature and urban life, taking you from dusk till dawn.

  • Into The Nightmaterials

    Nature’s most precious materials are used throughout the collection. At nightfall, Mrs.Me invites you to indulge yourself in the luxury of a of duvet cover in 500 thread count cotton percale. Mohair is sourced from Africa, creating surprisingly sturdy throws, there are bed-end spreads in smooth Italian velvet and sparkling cushions in metallized leather.
    In her bed linens Mrs.Me employs her signature haute couture detailing, such as upholstered buttons, ornamental stitching and glossy piping.

  • Into The Nightcolours

    Mrs.Me celebrates the night with darker shades of smoke, storm and thunder. This dark colour palette is in dramatic contrast with clearer shades of titanium, diamond and pearl, while cement remains a Mrs.Me classic, favoured by men and women alike for its timeless yet modern appeal.
    When morning enters your room, you feel almost sorry to leave behind the rustling sheets and soft cushions to venture out and catch the sun, until once again the light diffuses, the magic hour begins and you are softly drawn... into the night.