• Falcon & the Swan | Bedroom Tuxedo
  • Falcon & the Swan | Vintage cushion
  • Falcon & the Swan | Livingroom the Birds
  • Falcon & the Swan | Bedroom Tuxedo
  • Falcon & the Swan | Bedroom Frock
  • Falcon & the Swan | Bedroom Pinstripe
  • Falcon & the Swanlaunch 2006

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    Falcon and the Swan, a collection of home couture for the dining, living and bedroom. Mrs.Me has been inspired by the silver screen and the black night. The collection lives and breathes the atmosphere from Hitchcock movies and detective stories from the same time. In the bedrooms we find bed linen echoing the glamorous nightlife of those days.

  • Falcon & the Swanproducts

    Pitch-black Tuxedos with a band of velvet, and honey-sweet Cocktails with bows are designed to decorate the bed. The mohair blankets of exceptional size (220 x 240 cm) in matching colours highten the luxurious image. Like silent witnesses the cushions with silhouettes of lasered and embossed leather blend perfectly with exciting ‘pin-up stripe’ throws on sofas and beds. In Mrs.Me’s dining room her guests enjoy dinner from deep dark linen.

  • Falcon & the Swanmaterials

    Mrs.Me has again chosen special materials, produced in regions known for their expertise. Gossamer cotton percale (500 thread count) and lustrous cotton satin (300 thread count) from Egypt, supersoft lambswool from Scotland, lush mohair from South Africa and smooth Italian leather.

  • Falcon & the Swancolours

    This series full of allure and suspense is created using contrasting colours with tasty names like milk & caviar, honey & chocolate, accents in glamorous gold & silver and sparkling blush & tangerine. Spellbound....