Teddyfabric cushion

Our alpaca mohair cushions are made from one of nature’s finest sources for natural fibre: the Alpaca goat.

  • Cushion Teddy on sofa
  • Cushion Teddy

Product Info

  • Fabric cushion
  • Front: alpaca mohair
  • Colour: Mouse
  • Reverse: Egyptian cotton sateen 300 thread count
  • Colour: Mouse
  • Sizes: 30 x 60 cm and 45 x 60 cm
  • * Including feather cushion.
MrsMe setting Oasis
Cushion Teddy
Bed-end spread Teddy

OasisThe Wonderlust Collection

In setting Oasis the bed is made with cushion Teddy. The other articles on this bed can also be viewed on the Oasis page.