Leaves Jadejacquard cushion

Rays of light shed playful impressions on the bark and foliage of cushion Leaves. The use of various techniques of printing and weaving, fusing multiple yarns, results in a smooth jacquard velvet. Leaves is a mix of viscose, cotton and polyester. Its size 30 x 60 cm makes it a gentle support for the lower back.
An invitation to touch.

  • Cushion Leaves Jade

Product Info

  • Jacquard woven cushion
  • Front: cotton viscose velvet
  • Colour: Jade
  • Reverse: polyester
  • Colour: Sage Melee
  • Size: 30 x 60 cm
  • * Including feather cushion
  • ** Also available in Blush
Wonderlust setting Arcadia
Cushion Leaves Blush
Cushion Leaves Jade

ArcadiaThe Wonderlust Collection

In the setting Arcadia the bed is made with cushions Leaves. The other articles on this bed can also be viewed on the Arcadia page.