Kintsugihandpainted cushion

Kintsugi is an imaginative cushion, created by Mrs Me’s creative director Lianne Ernst in a limited edition of 25 unique pieces. A myriad of handpainted gold brushstrokes intertwine in a random pattern of creaves, left after wrinkling the fabric. Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi: to apply a gold lacquer on the cracks of mended ceramics, leaving traces to honour the object’s past and present.
The front is made of paper, as firm as cotton; its reverse is natural linen.
Each item is one-of-a-kind. An enchanting cushion, created by chance.

  • Cushion Kintsugi White Gold

Product Info

  • Handpainted cushion
  • Front: paper
  • Colour: Gold on Chalkwhite
  • Reverse: linen
  • Colour: Natural
  • Size: 45 x 60 cm
  • * Including feather cushion
Wonderlust setting Elysion
Cushion Kintsugi
Cushion Kintsugi

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