Bark Shadowcoverlet

Bark makes life easy and beautiful. The coverlet is comfortable, sturdy and easy to maintain. The 3D weave of the material adds volume and softness. Bark is made of machine washable cotton in the colour Shadow.
A fine piece, which can serve as either a bed-end spread or a nicely draped blanket.

  • bedspread Bark 3dcotton
  • bedspread Bark cotton

Product Info

  • Coverlet
  • 100% cotton
  • Colour: Shadow
  • Size: 130 x 300 cm
MrsMe setting MaterSuite
coverlet Bark 3d cotton
coverlet Bark Shadow darkgrey

RoseroomThe Glass House Collection

In setting Roseroom the bed is made with coverlet Bark. The other articles on this bed can also be viewed on the Roseroom page.