Cargo Sagebed-end spread

Cargo bids a warm welcome to delightful gatherings. A sturdy companion with a soft interior, reliable and kind. The quilted bed-end spread is made of washed bio linen.
Complementary are smooth cushions in matching sage.

  • bedspread Cargo bio linen washed
  • bedspread Cargo Sage

Product Info

  • Padded bedspread
  • Front: washed bio-linen
  • Colour: Sage
  • Reverse: washed bio-linen
  • Colour: Sage
  • Size: 140 x 300 cm
  • * Matching cushions available
MrsMe setting Lodge
Bed-end spread Grand reversable crinkled fabric
Bed-end spread Grand reversable

LODGEThe Glass House Collection

In the setting Lodge the bed is made with bed-end spread Cargo. The other articles on this bed can also be viewed on the LODGE page.