• Pillow cover  cotton sateen 300 thread count with buttons
  • Duvet cover set cotton percale 300 thread count

Maintenance of bed linen

Knowing the right way to wash, dry, and store your bed linens is essential to creating a healthy and pleasant sleep environment.


Mrs.Me recommends a water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius for her bed linens. We advise to wash the bed linens separately from other laundry items, as zippers and buttons might damage the cotton.
Never use chlorine bleach or fabric softeners on Egyptian cotton products. These chemicals can permanently damage the fibres.
Please note that all natural fibres, including Egyptian cotton, will shrink during the first wash. Because of this, all Mrs.Me bed linens are offered oversized and will shrink to their correct size after washing.


Mrs.Me bed linens are made from the finest Egyptian cotton that wrinkles naturally because it lacks the artificial elasticity of synthetic fabrics. Mrs.Me recommends line drying. Please line-dry bed linen outside whenever possible, because the sun is a natural disinfectant and brightens whites.
When using a tumble dryer, we advise to dry the linens on low heat and remove them from the dryer immediately after the cycle ends while still damp. Over-drying creates more wrinkles and results in a shorter life span due to wear.

  • Duvet cover set cotton percale and sateen 300 thread count
  • MrsMe cushions


Ironing is not usually necessary for cotton bed linens. However, some people prefer to iron for a crisper appearance.
It’s easier to iron bed linen while it’s still slightly damp. Percale must be ironed promptly to avoid drying out.
Be sure the soleplate of your iron is clean and smooth for quicker and easier ironing. If you have a steam iron, check for mineral deposits, which can cause brown spotting.
Iron the linen until it is smooth but not dry. Once the wrinkles are gone, hang the linen item until it is bone dry.


We advise to keep duvet covers and pillow cases neatly folded in a cool, dry closet or drawer. Surfaces should preferably be lined with acid-free tissue paper, which helps keep fabric from yellowing. Avoid storing bed linens in plastic containers, which can trap moisture and foster the growth of mildew.