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  • Alter EgoWho would you like to be, if only for a day?

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    I can picture myself toying with Donna Tartt’s sharp pencil or mesmerizing an audience with a voice like Nina Simone’s. And I often wonder how it would feel to see the world through the eyes of Frida Kahlo, or to seduce with a single look, like Grace Kelly or Jean Shrimpton could. I like to imagine stepping into the shoes of Amelia Earhart, speeding through blue skies towards a far-away sunset. And I would love to spend a day in the sea-view villa of Eileen Gray...

  • Alter EgoDaydreaming can be so sweet, so how about prolonging the fantasy?

    The ALTER EGO collection is my tribute to cutting edge female artists and style icons of past and present. These daring women have inspired me to create atmospheres reminiscent of the worlds they called home. Their lifestyles, ideals and achievements handed me ideas about styles, colours and materials. With ALTER EGO, I invite you to dress your home with a sense of adventure. Whoever you wish to be, share your dreams with Mrs.Me. Lianne Ernst, creative director.