Bed Habits presents Pillow Talk, the exhibition of Mrs.Me x Leendert meets Ingrid.
In the contemporary Bed Habits showroom, the work of Leendert meets Ingrid enters into a dialogue with the bed couture by Mrs.Me.
Seven different bedrooms are on show, including Golden Night, Meditation, Beatnik, Japanese and Jungle.
The art prints of Leendert meets Ingrid blend strikingly well with the home couture collection of Mrs.Me.

In this video creative director Lianne Ernst of Mrs.Me and Ingrid Bockting van Leendert meets Ingrid talk about the exhibition at Bed Habits Amsterdam; from the initial idea to the realisation of the expo.
On show untill March 2019. Location:
Oostelijke Handelskade 639
1019BW Amsterdam

Beatnik room with Leendert Meets Ingrid Artprint
Deep Sea room with Leendert Meets Ingrid Artprint
Jungle room with Leendert Meets Ingrid Artprint

Sleeping in Paradise

The Glass House Collection by Mrs.Me is home couture with a vision. An exquisite collection, by the choice of extraordinary materials, a subtle palette, a keen eye for detail and a vibrant mood. Qualities combined in a variety of decors of fully dressed beds in stylish settings. Court, Roseroom and Veranda will be launched in autumn 2018.


A breathtaking panorama unfolds in the privacy of the bedroom, while the rush of everyday life quietly dissolves in tones of grey and silver and subtle shades of green. Colourful butterflies and velvet bumblebees perform a striking dance on the bed, casting a mysterious light. Mrs.Me cultivates elegance and beauty in the dreamy gardens of Court.


Enter Roseroom, a realm of bliss and tranquility in the turbulent world of modern day living. Brushstrokes of iconic Dutch Masters carry shades of eastern refinement. Classic floral themes, surreal impressions, richly textured velvet and cotton; fabrics that provide a sense of ultimate comfort. A well deserved rest in the intimate dark of a masterpiece.


Veranda invites nature to come inside. The great outdoors, combined with conscious living. Fair, long-lasting materials, created with respect for animal welfare and the needs of our beautiful planet. Preservation is not a luxury item. Designer Lianne Ernst mixes the best of both worlds in exquisite bedding, keeping a natural feel in vegan leather and the softness of fur without fur.

  • Glass House Court Bedroom
  • Glass House SRoseroom Bedroom
  • Glass House Veranda Bedroom
  • Sierkussen Caprice Faux fur
  • Sprei Caprice faux fur
  • Sierkussen Caprice imitatiebont
  • Sierkussen Bee velours
  • Sprei Noble linnnen viscose melange
  • Sierkussen Noble linnnen viscose melange
  • Sierkussen jacquard velours geprint
  • Sierkussen velours geprint
  • Coverlet Bark 3d katoen


A new season, a new look!


Shades of pink: rose quartz and soft pink.
Shades of green: celadon and sage.
Naturals: graphite, light grey, chalkwhite and off white.


The focus is on fair, long-lasting materials, created with respect for animal welfare and the needs of our beautiful planet.